Continue the legacy of I.K. Musazi
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The family and friends of the late I.K. Musazi are concerned that his legacy has not been properly recognized and hence it will fade within our generation. I.K Musazi created a legacy by leading the vanguard for Uganda’s political and economic independence from Britain since the early 1940s until his death in 1990 and also by fighting the economic injustice against African farmers during that time.

The Uganda government official efforts to remember I.K. Musazi contributions to Uganda political economy, although highly appreciated, are not sufficient enough. The Uganda government acknowledged his legacy by creating a National Heroes Cemetery in 1990 at Kololo (a Kampala suburb) and having him to be the second statesman to be buried there.

Besides the national government efforts, his activism is in most cases only alluded to in various Uganda political history publications usually to fit the context of whatever is being discussed. There is no detailed work to officially document the dilemmas and challenges he faced from his relatives and political contemporaries, his ideologies and personal views on various issues, life in exiles, etc.

We are aware that his attempt to write his own legacy was suspiciously interrupted when he came back from exile in the early 1980s. Accordingly, no one has yet officially spoken for I.K. Musazi. There is a risk that history may misinterpret him on some issues. Therefore, his family and friends have decided to create a nonprofit entity by form of a foundation not only to document his work, challenges and personal life, but also to preserve and continue his legacy for the generations to come. The foundation will be named after him.

Continue the legacy of I.K. Musazi.

1. Officially document the life and work of I.K. Musazi.
2. Advocate administratively, legislatively, judicially, intellectually, or otherwise, for economically disadvantaged Ugandans.
3. Advocate for the preservation of Uganda’s economic and political independence.

1. Create a political-economy think tank to conduct legacy related research. 2. Create an archive of Uganda’s political economy. 3. Write and publish his autobiography by 2009.
4. Establish not-for profit business entities, specifically a micro-finance entity, for farmers.
5. Fund raise funds for the foundation to fund: (1) research conducted by the think tank, (2) created economic business entities and (3) daily operations.
6. Ask Parliament to have a major institution, e.g., university, hospital, Citizenship Awards, etc. named after him by 2009.
7. Recruit a (or some) politically or otherwise, influential director(s).

1. Have a physical location (Center) in Uganda and website that can serve as a center of the foundation’s operations and to archive I.K. Musazi related documents.
2. Initiate or influence parliamentary legislation pertaining to issues linked to I.K. Musazi legacy.
3. Identify, establish and/or support business ventures that can help the poor (especially farmers), e.g. cooperatives, microfinance units, etc. to support economically disadvantaged Ugandans.
4. Seek government and other contracts related to political-economy issues, e.g., voting, not only to further the legacy but also to generate operational funds.
5. Recruit professional effective management for the foundation.

Funding And Operations
Governance: The foundation will have a Board of Directors who will oversee its operations and a manager who will be responsible for its fundraising and day-to-day activities. Operations: The Center will operate in Uganda, hopefully from the capital city of Kampala. Funding: The center will operate largely as a nonprofit entity. It will raise funds from governments, (international) agencies, friends and other private donations, and contractual arrangements from those interested in this mission. Directors and Members We suggest having eight (8) rotating directors except I.K. Musazi family members and executive members.

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