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By: Fred Guweddeko
There is serenity at the Kololo National Heroes Cemetery where Uganda’s only national heroes Y.K Lule and I.K Musazi peacefully lie side by side. One cannot believe that at the height of their political careers as national leaders, Y.K Lule and I. K Musazi engaged in a mean conflict.

Between 1954 and 1958, Y. K Lule and I. K Musazi were the two outstanding and competing native national political leaders in Uganda. The two were playing leading roles on the political questions of colonial Protectorate Government policy towards Uganda natives and on the prospects of self-determination for Uganda. The two were serving on opposite sides in the Legislative Council [equivalent of Parliament] of Uganda. Y.K Lule was on the Government Bench as the Minister for Rural Development in charge of developing Africans. Y.K Musazi was on the Elected Members Bench [opposition] accusing the Protectorate Government of exploiting and impoverishing Africans.

On top of being the colonial Protectorate Government Minister for Rural Development [African Affairs], Y.K Lule was the national leader of the natives and native Local governments that supported Uganda’s continued development under British colonial rule. Y.K Lule pushed for a very slow and guided progress towards independence.

I. K. Musazi was the President of the Uganda National Congress, which demanded for immediate independence from British colonialism. Musazi demanded for economic and social advancement of natives, for political power, freedom and participation, and for equity between Africans [natives] and non-natives [Europeans and Indians] under the colonial system in Uganda. He was the national leader of the natives and local governments [like Buganda, Bunyoro and Acholi] that wanted British colonial rule to withdraw from Uganda

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